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Effects of Gaming at PSU Group Presentation

Project type

Group Presentation Research Project




Plymouth NH

This presentation artifact encapsulates the key findings and implications of the research on the effects of gaming among Plymouth State University students, serving as a valuable addition to my portfolio. In this assignment I am able to demonstrate proficiency in research, group collaboration and statistical analysis. To gather qualitative insights, I conducted interviews with a diverse group of college students at Plymouth State University (PSU). These interviews aimed to explore the motivations behind gaming habits, perceptions of gaming-related stress, and preferences in gaming genres. Our research methodology involved a combination of surveys and interviews to gather both quantitative and qualitative data. The survey included questions about gaming habits, academic performance, mental health, and demographic information. Interviews provided deeper insights into participants' experiences and perceptions.

Utilizing the collected data, I conducted statistical analysis to identify trends and relationships. Techniques such as correlation analysis and regression analysis were employed to examine the association between gaming habits, academic performance, and mental health indicators. All around, participating in this group research project helped me achieve my learning goals by learning how to interview people, work well with others in a group, conduct research, and analyze data. These experiences have improved my skills and prepared me for future academic and professional endeavors.

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