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About Me!

To me, learning outcomes can and likely will be different for each individual person. Everyone has a different learning style whether it be auditory, visually or other various styles so when not everyone learns the same way, we cannot have the same exact same expectation for everyone. While looking at what our course definition of learning outcome is, we can see that it shows The ability to read, write, listen, and present in various contexts and for various audiences. The ability to understand emerging communication and media technologies, and the complex causes and opportunities of that evolution. The ability to analyze and explain the moral, ethical and cross-cultural dimensions of messages. The ability to apply communication and media theories to critically analyze real-world issues and employ practical, innovative solutions. This definition is similar to my opinion of the topic, but to put it in my own words,


Learning outcomes are a goal to set yourself up for in terms of knowledge and values in the course. Being able to apply what you are learning in these courses and use them in our work and everyday life. Thinking about my learning outcome in terms of my major of communications and media studies, I believe it has helped shape me into an accountable and transparent student which in my opinion helps foster healthy relationships between the student and the professor. I believe it helps hold not only the student accountable, but also the professor. Learning outcomes also play a critical role in a student's success and empowerment to take control of their learning journey. 

As a communications and media studies student, I have always been very passionate about using my voice to bring attention to important social issues. One issue that has always struck a chord with me is the inequality that women face in our society. Through my studies , I have gained a deeper understanding of how the media plays a critical role in perpetuating both positive and harmful stereotypes against women. Connecting this back to my opinion on learning outcomes and how I have excelled in my academic career from being unsure and not confident in my work to being an individual that can not only hold conversations but also analyze those conversations. These artifacts also helped me in many ways progress my understanding of what I want to pursue. From previously sticking strictly to classes of my major communications and media, I branched out to courses such as women and crime and research methods centered around criminal justice. Through these courses I have found myself inspired by what I am learning and forging a new and unexpected path for myself and my future career. 

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Presented is my current resume! I will always be adding to it throughout the course of my career and cannot wait to see where my path goes!

Cover Letter

Presented is a cover letter I created for a job application and am presenting it here!

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